Welcome! I recently spent a year writing 180 letters to “change the world.” From climate change to gun safety reform, lack of paid maternity leave to the placement of immigrant children in cages, a racist neighbor to my alma mater’s refusal to remove a Confederate statue, I sought to change as many things as I could while helping as many people as possible. I sent letters to congress people, federal agencies and ambassadors about a variety of wrongs. I submitted public comments, letters to editors and customer feedback. I reached out to soldiers, the elderly and the sick, as well as the depressed, the broken-hearted and the homeless. I wrote to unknown strangers and to celebrities. Through this process, I observed which types of letters led to change and which didn’t.

In this blog, I’ll share the types of letters I wrote and strategies for bringing about change through the art of letter writing. My hope is that this blog will inspire others to take action to improve our world.

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