Sept. 13th Letter Writing Social With South Sound Letter Writers

Please join us for a social with the South Sound Letter Writers (@oly_lw_society) on September 13th at 4 p.m. Mountain Time (3 p.m. Pacific)! We’ll be discussing how we can use letter writing to change the world during this time of isolation. I’ll share some lessons learned during my yearlong letters to change the world projectContinue reading “Sept. 13th Letter Writing Social With South Sound Letter Writers”

10 Steps You Can Take to Save the U.S. Postal Service

Welcome! This blog is inspired by a year I spent writing letters to “change the world.” Normally, I’ll share letters and strategies for bringing about change through letter writing. But because there is a postal emergency going on, this inaugural post will focus on steps you can take to save the U.S. Postal Service instead.Continue reading “10 Steps You Can Take to Save the U.S. Postal Service”

New Mexico Letter Writers Society

I’m the founder of New Mexico Letter Writers Society, a group of New Mexicans who believe in the power of letters to change the world. For more information about upcoming meetings, follow us on Instagram @NewMexicoLetterWritersSociety or on Facebook @New Mexico Letter Writers Society Group or @New Mexico Letter Writers Society.